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Sophomore Checklist

10th Grade


  • Challenge yourself. You want to choose the most difficult classes you can handle, but you also want to do well. Your teachers and counselor can assist you.
  • Courses in English, math, science and foreign languages look good on a college application.
  • Find elective courses that will allow you to further your interests.
  • If you already have some colleges in mind, review the list of courses that the colleges say are required for a student to be considered for admission.
  • Talk to older students about the classes that they have found beneficial.
  • Keep a record of ALL your academic and athletic achievements and statistics, and update your resume.
  • Apply for a social security number if you don’t already have one! College applications will require you to have one.
  • Continue progressing toward completion of your academic courses as required by the NCAA.
  • Work to meet your best potential.
  • Begin considering future careers may interest you.
  • Work with your counselor to determine appropriate majors/courses to best prepare you for such careers.
  • Take PSAT and PLAN.
  • Evaluate your test scores and seek assistance in areas of weakness.


  • Start collecting newspaper and magazine articles about colleges and the admission process.
  • Look for charts and graphs that illustrate college and financial aid information.
  • Clip out articles about "hot" jobs and future career needs.
  • Investigate the courses and education required for emerging careers.
  • Start a file for all materials that you collect.
  • Update your player profile/resume and send to coaches with an appropriate cover letter. Make sure you include your most recent end-of-season statistics.
  • Send letters to the colleges that are most interested in you as well as those you are most interested in attending.
  • Provide college coaches information about your athletic and academic plans for the summer. As we stress throughout the school year, it is extremely important that you separate yourself from other student athletes competing for the same roster spot and scholarships at the schools you want to attend. Certainly your playing statistics will help, but if everything is equal on the field, the player who displays the most professional follow-up skills will shine over the player who has none. Colleges love to recruit well-rounded student athletes. Therefore, prove to the coach that you are both talented on the field and organized and disciplined off the field.
  • Send your letters and emails out NOW! And don’t always take the easier email route. Mix up your communications by sending some emails as well as some hard copy letters. Coaches are busy and often receive hundreds of emails each day. Sometimes, hard copy letters get more visibility than emails. Many colleges end their spring semesters over the next couple of weeks, so it’s important that you make contact with coaches before they take a few days R&R between the end of their own season and the beginning of their summer recruiting season.
  • As far as the college search process is concerned, the next three or four months will probably be the most important period of your high school career. If you have already narrowed your college choices, you are ahead of the game! However, the fact is that most junior students are only now beginning to think seriously about college.
  • Visit college campuses while on Spring Break, check with the Fullerton Rangers and College Visits.
  • Explore Summer opportunities.

Factors to Consider for Junior Year Courses

  • Select classes that are both challenging and appropriate. You want to choose the most difficult classes applicable.
  • Select elective classes that will enhance your interests.
  • Talk to others regarding classes that would be of interest.

Suggestions for Summer

  • Look for jobs that are available like lawn maintenance and babysitting.
  • Look for volunteer positions. Check with the Fullerton Rangers for camps, field and other volunteer options. Also check out your local hospitals, nursing homes, animal shelters, community service, church, etc.
  • Start differentiating yourself from other players.

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