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Fullerton Rangers C.A.P.P. Seminar Series

The Fullerton Rangers C.A.P.P. (College Advisory and Preparation Program) is designed to educate, empower and enhance the members of the Fullerton Rangers as they proceed in their college recruitment process. C.A.P.P. will provide educational seminars, hands-on workshops and specific advisement during the recruiting process. C.A.P.P. will also offer the “College Coaching Series” which will take place in the spring of 2014. C.A.P.P. is another example of how the Fullerton Rangers is “More than just a club”.

The Fullerton Rangers and C.A.P.P. are happy to announce the first in its series of Collegiate Seminars.

When: Wednesday September 24th

Where: Fullerton Community Center

Time: 1st session 9th-11th grade 5:00-6:30pm
           2nd session 12th grade 6:45-8:00pm

Who: All Fullerton Rangers (boys and girls) high school aged players

This two session seminar will focus on the NCAA and academic requirements for all aspiring college student-athletes. The first session will begin at 5pm and will be specifically focusing on 9th, 10th and 11th grade students. This seminar will explain in detail the NCAA initial eligibility requirements for all 2016 and later high school graduates. Students will also hear about various compliance and recruiting guidelines that effect their recruitment process.

The second session will focus on all high school seniors (2015 graduates). This session will provide important information pertaining to the NCAA, Financial Aide and high school course completion.

All seminar participants are required to bring a copy of their high school transcripts.

For more information, contact Demian Brown at demianbrown@exchange.fullerton.edu

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