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College Center

  +    Fullerton Rangers has partnered with College Fit Finder for our High School age groups in an effort to further assist our players in connecting them to the collegiate level.

As we strive to engage players, parents, and our own staff in the recruiting process, the club is providing this robust tool to EVERY High School age player/family.

The College Fit Finder provides our players with a competitive advantage over a typical student-athlete navigating the recruiting process. This comprehensive system allows for individuals to take ownership of their future by equipping them with tools necessary to find a home at the college level. As a club, we are committed to not only player development, but truly being a catalyst in helping our players fulfill their dreams of playing collegiate athletics and accessing higher education. The College Fit Finder will provide uniformity to the club's recruiting efforts and will allow for our coaching staff to take a much more personal approach in helping our athletes throughout the process.

We look forward to facilitating the recruiting efforts of every family looking to play at the next level.

Please use the link below to access or create a Fullerton Rangers College Fit Finder account.


This program is provided to Fullerton Ranger players at no additonal cost. 

Collegiate Soccer and Higher Education

Our objective is to accommodate those soccer players that aspire to play soccer at the highest level of competition and support and guide them toward higher education.  

The Fullerton Rangers are providing the following information and articles on pursuing college soccer.

NCAA Rules and Guidelines: www.ncaa.org

To contact the NCAA Clearinghouse:

NCAA Clearinghouse, PO Box 4044, Iowa City, Iowa 52243-4044

319-337-1492 office, 319-337-1556 fax


Important Academic Information for High School Age Players

October 20, 2015
As we kick off a new academic year, it is an appropriate time to remind you of the changes in NCAA Division I initial-eligibility academic standards effective for the class of 2016. Originally adopted in October 2011, the new standards were developed based on a substantial review of national data and later revised in response to feedback from a number of stakeholders.
Specifically, the new Division I standards increase the minimum required high school core grade point average from 2.00 to 2.30. This increase is based on research showing that student-athletes with high school GPAs below 2.30 are at substantial risk for academic difficulties in college. The new standards also require prospective Division I student-athletes to pass ten NCAA-approved core courses (seven in English, math or natural/physical sciences) before the start of their seventh high school semester. This standard was designed to discourage the educationally-inappropriate practice of completing high numbers of credits during a single academic year or semester in order to meet NCAA initial-eligibility requirements. The new requirements also introduce a separate academic redshirt standard which, if met, allows for students to receive an athletics scholarship and practice with their team even though they may not compete during their first year on campus.
Recent survey data indicates almost 90 percent of high school administrators have a working knowledge of the new standards. These new standards will help ensure college-bound student-athletes are prepared for the academic rigors of college and provide a mechanism (academic redshirt year) to successfully transition those who need additional help. Please help us by continuing to get the word out by sharing these resources within your networks so all college-bound student-athletes have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from a collegiate athletic experience.
We appreciate all you do to help your students succeed on the field and in the classroom.
Have a great year!
Sharon Cessna                                                                                                                          Ryan Tressel
Director of Championships                                                                     Assistant Director of Championships
cc: Division I Men’s Soccer Committee
Division I Women’s Soccer Committee
Selected NCAA Staff Members

College Recruiting Information Night

Attention High School Aged Players - Join us for our 2014 College Recruiting Information Night, Friday Feb. 21, 2014

  • Breakdown the myths of the College Recruiting Process
  • Learn the 3 Major Steps to Follow
  • Understand when/how to contact college coaches
  • Get Up to Date with NCAA eligibility and core academic requirements, rules and regulations

For more information, download the flyer or contact Diego Bocanegra at: dbocanegra@fullertonrangers.com

Players and Families - Please contact your team managers so that we can get an accurate head count.

Rangers College Camp Series is Here!!

The Fullerton Rangers are proud to host the 3rd annual College Camp Series. The College Camp Series is designed for college bound players to work with college coaches in a training session environment. Each session will have at least one college coach running a typical college session that they would run with their team. This camp is open to all players ages 14-18 (you don’t need to be part of the Rangers.)

Download the flyer or contact DOC Jimmy Obleda for more information. Sign up today!!

Dates: Feb. 27, Mar. 7, 13, 28

Time: 6:45-8:45pm

Location: Bastanchury Park or Fullerton Sports Complex

Cost: $50 per session  OR  $125 for all sessions

Rangers Players: Please register through your team manager.

Fullerton Rangers C.A.P.P. Seminar Series

The Fullerton Rangers C.A.P.P. (College Advisory and Preparation Program) is designed to educate, empower and enhance the members of the Fullerton Rangers as they proceed in their college recruitment process. C.A.P.P. will provide educational seminars, hands-on workshops and specific advisement during the recruiting process. C.A.P.P. will also offer the “College Coaching Series” which will take place in the spring of 2014. C.A.P.P. is another example of how the Fullerton Rangers is “More than just a club”.

The Fullerton Rangers and C.A.P.P. are happy to announce the first in its series of Collegiate Seminars.

When: Wednesday September 24th

Where: Fullerton Community Center

Time: 1st session 9th-11th grade 5:00-6:30pm
           2nd session 12th grade 6:45-8:00pm

Who: All Fullerton Rangers (boys and girls) high school aged players

This two session seminar will focus on the NCAA and academic requirements for all aspiring college student-athletes. The first session will begin at 5pm and will be specifically focusing on 9th, 10th and 11th grade students. This seminar will explain in detail the NCAA initial eligibility requirements for all 2016 and later high school graduates. Students will also hear about various compliance and recruiting guidelines that effect their recruitment process.

The second session will focus on all high school seniors (2015 graduates). This session will provide important information pertaining to the NCAA, Financial Aide and high school course completion.

All seminar participants are required to bring a copy of their high school transcripts.

For more information, contact Demian Brown at demianbrown@exchange.fullerton.edu

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